Green Chain was born out of a passion for new disruptive technologies that facilitate shifting out of the current capitalist monopolistic paradigm and protect our beautiful planet. We are firm believers in the power of blockchain technology in providing sustainable solutions for a fairer future in harmony with nature. We are advocates of sustainability, environmental protection and social change through decentralisation. Having downsized for environmental reasons, relocated to a protected area and using renewable energy, we are commited to our ethos. Promoting renewable energies, reducing carbon footprint and improving the lives of disadvantaged people are an integral part of our professional, as well as our personal lives. In doing so we hope to be a living example of the possibility of technological advancement coupled with positive environmental and social impact.


The blockchain is a decentralised consensus based system of governance, a stark contrast with the pyramidal system of power that has skewed capitalism, communism, democracy and indeed any attempt of creating a fairer system for all. It creates algorithms that represent contracts which cannot be broken without the consensus of a majority of the nodes in the network, making it virtually incorruptible. At Green Chain, we help deploy such contracts and apply them to a variety of situations. From individuals and small businesses to larger co-operatives and companies, we shape our vision of a fairer future one case at a time.


Bitcoin, the gold standard of crypto currencies, consumes a lot of energy but is now powered by in great part by renewable energies and its mining operations gravitate towards underutilised renewable energy generators. Most other cryptocurrencies have now moved or are in the process of moving away from heavy energy consumption by using improved mining protocols. One can argue that cryptocurrencies drive the need for renewable energy sources and efficiency improved technology. All our equipment is powered by wind and solar energy and we host ours and our clients’ websites in servers powered by renewable energies.


We love sharing our passion for the potential of blockchain technology, applying our knowledge to new situations and coming up with creative solutions to your individual needs. We delve deep and tailor our advice to your specific case rather than having a one-size-fits-all approach to solutions. We are transparent with the options we offer and happy to personally adress any concerns. We aim to be as inclusive as possible, however we reserve the right to work exclusively with those who we believe share our ethos and politely decline those who don’t, as well as prioritising those with the most urgent needs such as achieving financial independence.



  • Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain Technology
  • Wallets & Payment Gateways
  • Non Fungible Tokes (NFTs)
  • Smart Contracts
  • Decentralised Applications (Dapps)
  • Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)
  • Security & Anonimity
  • AI & Blockchain
  • Quantum computing & cryptography


  • Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways
  • Websites with Blockchain Integration
  • Websites powered by Renewable Energies
  • Developing Decentralised Applications
  • Creating & Managing a Blockchain
  • Blockchain Inspired Graphic Design
  • E-Commerce & Marketing


  • Cryptocurrencies, Stable Coins & Crypto-assets
  • ICOs & Airdrops
  • Wallets, Exchanges & Bank Accounts
  • Exchange and Transfer Fees
  • Trading, Staking, Mining & Adding Liquidity
  • Decentralised Financial Instruments (DeFi)
  • Investment Risk Assessment
  • Conversion to Fiat Currencies
  • Ethical Investments